Hectic Society Records

RIVERSHORES - Fuck It Dude, Let's Get Wasted! - 10"

This is the debut 10" by the RIVERSHORES from Unna/Germany. Packed with quotes and references of your favourite 80's childhood movies and tons of Ohrw├╝rmer like 'If I was like Marty McFly, I would go back in time and beat the shit out of my mind".
Released by Shield Recordings and Uncle M Music and pressed on solid white w/solid red mixed vinyl.


Side A:
01. Die Laughing Instead.
02. Dreamer / Ruiner.
02. If I Was Like Marty McFly I Would Go Back In Time And Beat The Shit Out Of My Mind.

Side B:
01. 28:06:42:12.
02. A Cynics Smile.
03. Headache Over Heartache.