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NOT SCIENTISTS - Leave Stickers On Our Graves - LP

10 EUR
Here is the Maxi Edition of the 7" New French supergroup featuring dudes from Uncommon Men From Mars, Sons Of Buddha and No Guts No Glory. This beauty includes the first long sold out two EPs and an unreleased bonus track.
Poppy Punkrock for fans of Toys That Kill, One Man Army, Superchunk and Shit Ed!
Released by Guerilla Asso, Shield Recordings, Montser Zero and Delete Your Favorite Records and pressed on Solid Green vinyl.


Side A:
01. Wrong Side Of The Highway
02. Evil Seed
03. I Don't Feel So Crazy
04. Coughing Blood
05. Shoplifter
06. No Third Chances

Side B:
01. Leave Stickers On Our Graves
02. I Wanna Be A Spaceship
03. Precision Auto
04. Destroy To Rebuild