Hectic Society Records

ABOLITIONIST - The Growing Disconnect - LP

10 EUR
It wasn't until 2012's Bleeding Kansas that Abolitionist really grasped their own identity and were able to stand fully apart from their influences. That's why it's so daring for them to undergo such a significant style change on their second LP, The Growing Disconnect.The band still have their Dillinger Four/Spits-ish vocals. But, where Kansas left the pop-punk in lieu of post-punk, it's interesting that on Disconnect, the band opt for their most classic sounding punk record to date. For one thing, the band sound harder and sharper than ever: The guitar and drums lock together so tightly that the riffs almost kick out like anarcho-punk smashers. Where the band's songs used to have the warm ambiguity of Jawbreaker, now they slash hard and fast instead. The music here is still rooted in clean, energetic three-minute attacks but the sounds are sharper, at times resembling scrap metal scraped along a fence. Abolitionist have developed a nasty streak, and it works.